Pain-Less Instant Heat Pads are the ultimate heat solution for pain relief.  Use these pads for increasing blood circulation, reducing muscle tension or even to keep yourself warm while outdoors in cold conditions.

These pads are easy to use and extremely portable.  There is no need for electrical cords or warming up in a microwave before use.  The Instant Heat Pads activate instantly and are ready when you need them.  The liquid inside is a food-grade sodium acetate solution.  It is non-toxic and safe.

Using your Instant Heat Pad is as simple as clicking a button.  There is a small, round stainless steel button inside every pad.  Simply click that button and watch as the liquid starts to crystallize and produce heat. (Note: The button may be very stiff the first couple of times you try to activate it.  It will become easier after the first few uses.)

The heat is controlled and will not exceed 130°.  This is perfect for therapeutic heat, but will not burn the skin.  Heat may last from 20 minutes on the hand warmers up to 2 hours on the neck and back pads.  Heat times will vary depending on the size of the pad, outside air temperature and insulation surrounding the pad.  (Tip: Gently kneed the pad as it crystallizes to increase the heat and to keep the pad soft and pliable.)

As the Instant Heat Pad begins to cool to room temperature, it will begin to solidify.  To reset your pad, simply boil it for approximately 15-20 minutes or until all of the crystals are dissolved and the liquid is clear. Use a non-stick pan or wrap the pad inside a towel when using a stainless steel pan so you do not melt the plastic.

Once the pad has been completely boiled, allow it to cool to room temperature before the next use.  These pads may be reused 100′s of times giving you many hours of soothing heat.

Please visit our FAQ section for common questions about the use of our Instant Heat Pads.